About Us

Welcome to
Loving Heart Retreats

The outdoors is our passion. Loving Heart Retreats was created by a group of people who share the same passion for nature as you do. Our team comes from industries of luxury tourism, camp development, and international education and understand the changing world of travel. We believe and advocate for ecological protection and adhere to the practice of sustainable development. By developing our glamp site, we hope to create an immersive environment in nature while spreading ecological concepts, delivering high-quality services, and most importantly, bridging nature and luxury to those who value the outdoors and comfort.


Glamp ECO and Protect our planet

ECO Friendly

Leading to healthier living for our planet and its inhabitants


Minimize the burden of carbon emissions on the planet

Land Conservation

Serves to minimize disturbance and maximize open space

Wild Animal Conservation

Respect the wildlife - No disturb or feed wild animals

Support local businesses

Purchasing locally owned businesses products or services


Leave no trace; Choose reusable; Zero waste